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Five individuals take oath as members of the TTD trust board in Andhra Pradesh

Recently, Andhra Pradesh witnessed a significant development in the management of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) – the governing body that oversees the revered temple of Lord Venkateswara in Tirupati. Five new members were sworn-in to the TTD trust board, marking a crucial step in the administration of one of the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites.

The TTD trust board consists of eminent personalities from various fields, meticulously selected to ensure the smooth functioning of the temple and to protect its interests. These individuals play a crucial role in managing the affairs of the temple, ranging from the administration of the shrine to the implementation of welfare schemes for devotees.

Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy administered the oath to the newly inducted members. The event was attended by several dignitaries, including Deputy Chief Minister K. Narayana Swamy, Ministers P. Ramachandra Reddy and M. Sucharita, and several TTD officials. The members who took the oath include industrialist Prathap C. Reddy, former MLC and YSRCP Women Wing President Roja Selvamani, former minister Srinivasa Yadav, and two retired judges — Justice N.V. Ramana Reddy and Justice C.V. Bhadang.

The inclusion of these esteemed personalities in the TTD trust board holds significant promise for the future of the temple. Each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise, ensuring a diverse and well-rounded governing body. Industrialist Prathap C. Reddy, the founder and chairman of Apollo Hospitals, is renowned for his leadership skills and philanthropy. His experience and business acumen will undoubtedly prove invaluable in the management of the temple’s resources and the implementation of healthcare programs.

Roja Selvamani, a popular actress-turned-politician, has been actively involved in public service and welfare activities throughout her career. Her inclusiveness and dedication towards the upliftment of women and marginalized communities will contribute to the expansion and betterment of various welfare schemes initiated by the temple.

The presence of retired judges N.V. Ramana Reddy and C.V. Bhadang brings a wealth of legal knowledge and expertise to the table. Their understanding of law and governance will help in closely scrutinizing various processes and ensuring transparency in the administration of the temple.

Former minister Srinivasa Yadav, who has extensive experience in politics and the government, will contribute to the smooth coordination between the TTD and the state administration. His understanding of interdepartmental dynamics will aid in resolving issues and streamlining processes for the benefit of the temple and its devotees.

The induction of these new members has sparked hope among devotees that the management of the TTD will witness positive and progressive changes. There are high expectations regarding increased transparency, improved facilities, and enhanced execution of welfare programs. The government’s commitment to ensuring dedicated and knowledgeable individuals in the trust board is commendable and reflects a genuine interest in the well-being of the temple and its devotees.

As one of the most revered Hindu pilgrimage sites, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams holds immense significance for millions of devotees worldwide. The trust board’s responsibility to protect and preserve the sanctity of the temple cannot be understated. With the new members being sworn in, there is renewed optimism that the TTD will continue to thrive as a center of spirituality, social service, and cultural heritage under the guidance of these esteemed individuals.

Varshal Nirbhavane
Varshal Nirbhavane
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